The Semester of Living Dangerously: A Pandemic Diary Project for Housebound Students, Faculty and Staff of SUNY Oneonta


Description of Project:

Collected Spring 2020 – Spring 2021, The Semester of Living Dangerously was a diary project by the history department of SUNY Oneonta. The project was inspired by the UK’s Mass Observation Project from the 1930s, which drew on the war-time diaries of ordinary British citizens to track the impact of World War II on their lives. With over two hundred blog entries from students, faculty , and staff- including diary reflections, poems, pictures, and thought pieces- this collection lays bare the grief, frustration, fear, resilience, and upheavals in this tumultuous period.

Later the organizers edited a collection of these entries into an open-access book, which was published as Chronicling a Crisis: SUNY Oneonta’s Pandemic Diaries.

How it was Made:

This site was built with WordPress. Using the institution’s Single Sign One to auto-generate accounts, the organizers tried to make it as easy as possible to contribute to the project.

Anyone in the campus community could submit a post, which was reviewed and released to the public by the editorial team.

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