CITE (Collaborative Interactive Tabletop for Education)

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The Collaborative Interactive Tabletop for Education (CITE) allows users to manipulate on-screen data visualizations through the manipulation of hand-held tabletop objects, as illustrated in the diagram above. The system includes sound and touch features that considers users with visual impairments. This website is intended to provide the resources needed (instructions and software) to build CITE yourself.

This work was done at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, and funded by an Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (IITG).

How it was Made:

This is a simple static single-page site coded with html, css, and vanilla javascript.

While most 3-dimensional tangible interfaces rely on specialized hardware, our approach is to create a system, a set of verified instructions along with software packages, for adapting standard computer hardware into a highly customizable tangible interactive tabletop. This website allows us to easily and clearly disseminate this information so that anyone can use this technology.

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