SUNY Oneonta OpenLab

Description of Project:

The SUNY Oneonta Openlab is a hub of WordPress sites. Described as a place to learn, work, and share, from the OpenLab landing page, students and faculty can sign in and create a WordPress site for a Portfolio, Class, Project, or Organization.

Using OpenLab adds extra features for education. More privacy options are available on each site, sites can have multiple owners and be passed down over time, users can choose site templates, and sites with an open license can be cloned.

How it was Made:

Commons in a Box OpenLab can be installed on a fresh WordPress Multisite, and the single plugin transforms your site into a digital commons by installing additional plugins, setting sensible defaults, and then allowing additional customization.

The Commons in a Box plugin is created and maintained by CUNY. Twice a year they update the Commons in a Box plugin, which manages the version and settings on multiple plugins that make OpenLab sites work like BuddyPress, bbPress, and their own custom code. Upgrading on thier schedule as opposed to installing the same plugins seperately simplifies the work for the commons admins.

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